"For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others." -Nelson Mandela

We arm ourselves with knowledge to pave the way to freedom

What we're reading


- Academic Research

Burris, & Welner. Closing the Achievement Gap by Detracking. Phi Delta Kappan 86 (8): 594-598. 1 Apr 2005.

In this study, a Long Island school district phased out “low-track” science and math, and offered “high-track” curricula to ALL students, and in a heterogeneous environment. “After just one year of heterogeneous grouping, the passing rate for African American and Hispanic students increased from 48% to 77%, while the passing rate for white and Asian American students increased from 85% to 94%. … To support struggling learners, the school initiated support classes called math workshops and provided after-school help four afternoons a week.(p.596)

Ford. Segregation and the Underrepresentation of Blacks and Hispanics in Gifted Education: Social Inequality and Deficit Paradigms. Roeper Review 36 (3): 143-154. 24 Jun 2014.

This study proposes that social inequality, deficit thinking, and microaggressions contribute to the inequitable segregated Gifted and Talented programs in public education. “Underrepresentation is beyond statistical chance and is a function of attitudes and beliefs grounded in deficit paradigms among those with power or social capital.”


- Media & Videos

A “Good” School Is a Diverse School: The Brian Lehrer Show. WNYC. 13 Feb 2019.

Talking to Your Kids About Racism. Manhattan Community Board 2. Shanna Douglas, MS896 LMCS Principal, Marisol Rosales, NYC DOE Executive Superintendent, Dr Akeela Azcuy, Clinical Psychologist. 17 Jun 2020.

The Danger of A Single Story. Chimamanda Ngozi AdichieTEDGlobal. Jul 2009.

Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man. Emmanual Acho. Youtube. Jun 2020.


- Resources

#IndigenousReads by Indigenous Writers: A Children’s Reading List. The Conscious Kid. Medium. 1 Nov 2017.

Children’s Books To Support Conversations on Race, Racism, and Resistance. The Conscious Kid. 

The Anti-Racist Reading List: 38 books for those open to changing themselves, and their world. Ibram X. Kendi. The Atlantic. 12 Feb 2019.

Seeing White. John Biewen. Scene on Radio Podcast, Center for Documentary Studies, Duke University. 15 Feb 2017-24 Aug 2017.

1619. Nikole Hannah Jones. The New York Times. 22 Aug 2019-11 Oct 2019.