2021 DISTRICT 2 CEC Election

Voting in the District 2 Community Education Council (CEC) election closes at 11:59pm tomorrow Tuesday, May 11th.  If you haven’t yet, please vote asap. It only takes a few minutes. (instructions below)


There is a record number of parents running for seats on the CEC this year. Many of these candidates and will push ugly, antiquated, racists policies that will harm our children and families. We need CEC representatives that will uplift ALL families – not just a privileged few. You can read all of the candidate statements here, but we’ve independently vetted them all so you don’t have to. Please consider the candidates listed below if:

  • You want your child to have every educational opportunity they deserve
  • You want to have a say in your child’s educational future

FREE is confident that these dedicated parents will work to ensure that every family is heard and every student is represented fairly.


You can vote for the parents that will represent your family and your student(s) on the Community Education Council. There are 9 seats to be filled, and this first time all parents are allowed to vote (it used to be just PTA presidents). You get 3 votes for each child you have enrolled in a public elementary and/or middle school.  Each vote must be for a different candidate. The video at the bottom of this page describes what the CEC Councils do and how to vote. You will have to log in to your www.mystudent.nyc account to vote. If you don’t have an account, contact your parent coordinator and they will set one up for you.

While we believe strongly in each of the nine candidates below, we’ve organized them by school to make it easier for you. Simply find the school your student attends and vote for the 3 names below that list:

If you are a parent with a child with Disabilities
Emily Greytak • Emily Hellstrom • Ashlee Lewis

PS11 William T Harris
PS51 Elias Howe
PS111 Adolph S Ochs
Q2L – Quest to Learn
City Knoll MS933

Robin BroshI • Lilibeth Feliciano • Tamara Flannagan Ditmy

PPAS Professional Performing Arts School
PS212 Midtown West
Ella Baker MS225

Robin BroshI • Lilibeth Feliciano • Tamara Flannagan Ditmy

PS3 Charrette School
PS41 Greenwich Village
75 Morton MS297
Lab Middle School MS312
PS340 Sixth Ave Community

Jocelyn Anker • Emily Greytak • Emily Hellstrom

PS1 Alfred E Smith
PS2 Meyer London
PS42 Benjamin Altman
PS124 Yung Wing
PS/IS 126 MAT – Manhattan Academy of Technology
PS130 Hernando de Soto
MS131 Sun Yat Sen

Yenching Chuang • Inshirah Duwors • Emily Hellstrom

LMC • Lower Manhattan Community Middle School
PS89 Liberty
PS150 Tribeca
PS234 Independence
PS276/IS276 Battery Park
IS289 Hudson River Middle
PS343 The Peck Slip School
PS397 Spruce Street

Yenching Chuang • Inshirah Duwors • Emily Hellstrom

PS40 Augustus Saint-Gaudens
PS59 Beekman Hill
PS116 Kips Bay
PS/IS217 Roosevelt Island
PS281 River School

Robin Broshi • Lilibeth Feliciano • Tamara Flannagan Ditmy

East Side Middle School MS114
Salk School of Science MS255
The Clinton School MS260

Jocelyn Anker • Emily Greytak • Emily Hellstrom

PS158 Bayard Taylor School
PS183 Robert Louis Stevenson
Baruch Middle School
Wagner Middle School
PS267 East Side Elementary
PS158 Bayard Taylor School
MS 177 Yorkville East
PS183 Robert Louis Stevenson
PS267 East Side Elementary
PS290 Manhattan New School
ICE • Institute for Collaborative Education MS407
School of the Future MS413

Robin Broshi • Lilibeth Feliciano • Emily Greytak

PS6 Lillie D. Blake
PS77 Lower Lab
PS151 Yorkville
PS198 Isador E. Ida Straus
PS527 East Side

Robin Broshi • Lilibeth Feliciano • Emily Greytak


No candidate for CEC authorized, funded, was consulted, participated in or contributed to the creation of this list.