"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced." -James Baldwin

Exercising our powers to bring forth equity for all

What We're Doing


— Unscreen Our Schools

Screening has been proven again and again to segregate children by race. We will not stand for practices that close the doors to opportunities to children just because of the color of their skin and their parents’ socioeconomic status.


— Make Education Inclusive

We are working with public schools in District 2 and beyond in New York City to implement a culturally responsive education. We understand many of our teachers need tremendous support in implementing an equity-aware education in the classroom, and we are here to help make that happen. 


— Strengthen Support

Teachers and caring administrators have long known that there are many silent barriers to children obtaining an equitable education – we are working to enhance awareness of structural vulnerabilities (eg, neighborhood safety, access to healthy food, parental primary language) and ways to help improve points in inequities.


— Increase Awareness

Imagine a school system in which young men and women of color can achieve at high rates. We work with schools to improve awareness of deeply held societal views that pose as a barrier to the success of our young children. As one founder of our group says, my son’s strengths should be celebrated, not tempered.


— Improve Representation

We will continue to push for changes in policies and removal of policies to increase the numbers of teachers and administrators of colors. We will work toward adequate compensation for teachers so they do not need to hold a second or third job. We will ensure that teachers will not need to spend their own money for field trips or school supplies.


— Innovate & Collaborate

We strongly believe in looking forward to a more equitable future. We continuously build relationships with forward thinkers and create events to bring forth innovative ideas to a larger community audience. We cannot build that which we cannot imagine.